No Commoners This Time In Bigg Boss Season 13 Says Salman Khan

This time, Bigg boss is undergoing a massive makeover. Not only different location, but it’s going to be a different mix for contestants compared to previous seasons. Apparently, the theme of the season is horror. The buzz is that Bigg Boss season 13 will start on 13 September 2019. Bits of gossip are that the show may go for 4 months this time and the grand finale will be on January 12, 2020. It’s not confirmed yet. However, there are rumors that the show could be pushed to December 2019.

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No Commoners In Bigg Boss 13

As stated there will be no commoners in the season this time. This decision has been taken after the debacle last year, where the choices of the commoner participants were questioned blatantly.

Apparently, the celebrity contestants that have been approached for the season are anxious to share the house with commoners.

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