Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 8 Day 8 & 9

Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Episode aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 8:

11:00 AM

Shehnaaz is lying by the pool and sings lamhe lazily. Siddharth S smiles. She acts sensually. Shukla says wow, you are a lovely girl.

12:30 PM

Paras talks about a girl outside Bigg Boss and tells Arti that I have love but that we don’t have the same mentality, she is always the opposite of me. We have love but we can’t live together. When I say that, then she starts crying and then I say I don’t want her to cry. Dalljiet says that you are with her because of it? Paras says yes, I told him many times. Dalljiet says you didn’t break before coming here? He says I tried. Dalljiet says you have an emotional connection with Shehnaaz and it is a message for her, you should have finished it before coming here. Paras says it’s not about Bigg Boss She keeps calling me and comes to my house so I can’t throw her out of the house. Arti says you sent him the message.

2:15 PM

Shehnaaz is talking to Asim. Siddharth S arrives and lies there, he says barking loudly. Shehnaaz says that Mahira said I give him the line, I have no problem with Shefali, but if Paras and Mahira spend so much time, then they have an attraction, I see him most of the time, so I feel attraction to him, when he is sitting with me I feel he has a problem with my feelings.

8:00 PM

Rashami arrives at the kitchen team and tells Shehnaaz to cut the vegetables more accurately. Siddharth S says we don’t have to become artists. Rashami says that cutting into small pieces is easier to cook. Siddharth S says come and approve; do you want to show more to the camera.

8:15 PM

Siddharth S asks Rashami to tell someone to wash a knife. Rashami says don’t ask me, call someone. Siddharth S says that I am not cutting vegetables. I go out to smoke. Rashami says you’re talking like you’re mad at me. Siddharth S says it’s your misunderstanding. Rashami says I didn’t order anything, you’re changing the subject, this is not right, you can’t talk to me like that. Siddharth S says don’t order. Rashami says that I also want chopped garlic and onion. Paras asks Shehnaaz to give them ration, it is not Rashami’s job. Siddharth S says that it is also your job, Rashami can say what he wants while cooking. Rashami says that I have given them all the vegetables. Rashami approaches Koena and tells him that his temper is unbearable, once I answered him and he is getting mad at me, I should give him more work the way he speaks.

10:30 PM

Mahira tells Shehnaaz that what you do for attention irritates me. You know the connection I have with Paras, I thought I would have that connection with you when we entered this house, that people would talk about our friendship, I don’t care about love, we are ordered, I don’t want to take the friendship ahead and make it a love. Shehnaaz says that I think he gives us the same attention and vibrates, which is not clear to me. Paras arrives there and says so much love between you two. Mahira says to tell her about our connection. Paras says best friends.

Mahira says we feel for each other, but that you like Shehnaaz. He says a lot. Shehnaaz laughs and says you’re a problem, be my friend just because two girls are fighting for you. Mahira says that I am not fighting, we are ordered. Rashami tells Koena and Paras that I can only have one connection with one boy. South Africa. Koena says it’s very cute. Shefali says what about Siddharth S, Koena says they both have chemistry. Rashami says it can never happen, we understand each other but it can never happen. Koena tells Siddharth D that you shouldn’t use that language, you talked about neighborhood girls and all that. Siddharth D says it was something sweet. Koena says I’m just asking you to control your language. Siddharth D says yes, happy to have heard you? She said yes.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 9:

8:00 AM

Inmates wake up with the low band of songs. Everyone dances gracefully.

09:30 AM

Koena tells Dalljiet that when Shehnaaz told me that Siddharth D wanted to kiss her and that she was behaving very badly, I told her why it doesn’t happen with others and only with you. Because you make them comfortable. Shehnaaz then went to Siddharth D and spoke ill of me, she is playing a silly and cute girl game, but I told her to talk to me instead of listening to Shehnaaz. Siddharth D is singing. Siddharth S says he also has a good voice to get trash and laughs. Siddharth D says that I have confidence in me, love will conquer. Paras asks him not to touch Shehnaaz.

10:30 AM

Shehnaaz says let me call him, she leaves. Paras tells Shefali that he will cry in two days. Arti asks Paras if it’s okay. He says I am perfect. Arti says that you and Shehnaaz don’t look good, you should be sad for your love, you have a connection with her. Paras tells the devil with the connection; I will make a new one. Shehnaaz listens to all that. Shehnaaz tells Arti that I don’t want to act like fake here, if a boy is creating a problem, then leave him, I don’t want to fight that girl.

Siddharth S says his heart broke. Shehnaaz says you’ll make me cry. Arti says he looks sad, you can fool me, but I know you are thinking about it. Shefali reads the task that there are two windows in the garden, we will call two girls and one boy at the same time. When the bell rings, the boy will close a girl’s window and nominate her, the girls will try to convince him to nominate the other. Four girls will be nominated at the end of the task.

2:30 PM

Bigg Boss says the first trio for the nomination is Mahira, Shehnaaz and Paras. Mahira and Shehnaaz in adjacent windows. Paras tells Shehnaaz that you are ignoring me, what do you think we have a GF-BF relationship? Shehnaaz says no, but I had a problem with Mahira and I don’t want to fight her, Paras says what happens before? Shehnaaz says we like each other but not anymore. Paras says that I still like you, Shehnaaz says that I don’t like boys who roam. Paras says that you sit with your friends and ignore me if you have a problem with me spending time with Mahira and then give me your time. Do you think I have no feelings; I have no heart. Shehnaaz says that I already told you that I am not loyal.

Mahira says I don’t play a twisted game, I’m straight with my friends. Paras says I can trust you for the future. Mahira says that I also told you that I will be on your side in the future, Paras asks if she feels jealous of Shehnaaz. She says no. Paras says it’s fine, he closes Shehnaaz’s window and payroll. Dalljiet says hard call. Paras says that she said she is not loyal. Abu says he is hurt. Shehnaaz gets out of the window and is excited. She runs to Paras and tells him that I love you, she hugs him. He says you won’t betray me again. Both get excited. Shehnaaz says it’s a game. Mahira asks if she’s alright? Shehnaaz says I don’t care about nominations, Bigg Boss plays with emotions. She cries. Mahira says this will happen here. She takes her from there. Arti asks Paras not to cry. He says yes, yes.

3:45 PM

Arti tells Shehnaaz that Paras loves you very much, I don’t trust him, but I see his eyes like a brother, and I know he likes you very much, be happy. Shehnaaz says I know. Shefali says then why did you act as if you didn’t care? Shehnaaz says I felt I could never nominate Paras like that. Abu says that he nominated you but that he gave you publicity, that nobody can eliminate you now and also saved Mahira, he played the first class game but he was hurt, you shouldn’t have said that you are not faithful.

Paras tells Siddharth S that he said he is not loyal and made it easy for me. Siddharth S says he loves you very much, he doesn’t need to say that. Devoleena tells Rashami that Shehnaaz has more points than Mahira. Rashami says I feel he likes it. Devoleena says don’t fall for that. Shehnaaz tells Paras that nobody can understand me. Paras says that you should not take the ego between love, you should have answered me correctly, you said you have no feelings for me. Shehnaaz says he didn’t want to say it there, but I have feelings for you, calm down.

4:30 PM

Bigg Boss says the next trio is Siddharth S, Arti and Rashami. Siddharth S says hard shit. They climbed to the windows. Arti says I don’t want to go if you can save me. Rashami says we have known each other for a long time, we understand and support each other. Arti says that you have known Rashami for a long time, we have a friendship and a connection, I want it to grow. Rashami says that I don’t back down from my words. Siddharth S says: are you really Rashami Desai, Rashami says yes and we had many fights, but we know each other, and we can know more at this time.

The bell rings, Siddharth S says that I want to nominate Rashami since I have a better understanding with Arti. Rashami says that you are my fraudulent friend. He closes his window. Rashami hits Siddharth S with a pillow and says she is now your best friend? He says you still want to meet me, after all, that time, what can I say? Rashami says you will nominate me? Shukla says you’re hitting me on TV and I’m not saying anything.

5:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that the next trio is Dalljiet, Siddharth D and Shefali. They go to the windows. Siddharth D gives a rose to Shefali. Shefali says you look me in the eye when I speak, when I was alone, you came to me and made me understand, I don’t want to cheat you because I have something inside but I have a good connection with you here, she gives him a flower Dalljiet tells Siddarth D that I play fairly, that I wanted you to be here. Siddharth D says that we are different people, that’s why we are here, we are different characters, you know that gangs don’t hit people, you have a son and if a gang comes to hit him, will you like it? You would want a double one to one.

Dalljiet says I don’t hold a grudge, but I want to clarify why you mention those points again. Everyone starts from there. Devoleena says it’s boring us. Siddharth D tells Dalljiet that I am not making this decision for love, you are the mother of a child, so you would be right alone with him. Shefali says that I feel bad if you keep talking about that point, you’re not listening to me when I have the opportunity. Dalljiet says thanks Bigg Boss, I am very happy that you kept me here. Bell rings. Siddharth D closes Dalljiet’s window and says I’m sorry to nominate you.

6:00 PM

Dalljiet tells Asim why he says I’m a mother, so it should be fair, that was strange. Shefali tells Siddharth D that if he knew he would save her, why exaggerate it? The public will save her, why do you think so much? Siddharth D says that you have provoked me, I will throw thorns from your path.

7:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that Koena, Devoleena, Asim and Abu will go to the task since Asim and Abu obtained most of the black rings on the report card and then decide mutually who to nominate.

7:15 PM

Koena and Devoleena stand at the windows. Koena says that Asim gave up the task, but I tried to understand his point of view. Asim asks Devoleena why he shouldn’t nominate her? Devoleena says I prepare food for you. Asim says that we are all working but tell me a good reason. Devoleena says that we are making a good connection and that you will not have a trust problem with me. Koena says you told me about the good thing about quitting. Asim says that you keep raising the subject so that people talk about it, talk about something else, find something new. Abu tells Asim that it’s hot here, so take off your shirt. Koena says he could have nominated Asim for that, but I didn’t. Asim takes off his shirt, all ululant. Devoleena says that I like your body and I will learn to rap from you. He says what about my body.

Devoleena says that I love your hair and that you are fair … the whole package. Asim asks Koena to talk about her body. Koena says that I admire you taking care of your diet and do not skip your training. Abu says you didn’t praise me. Devoleena says that I loved that you sang me a love song, she gives him a flower. Koena tells Asim that we had nothing wrong between us. Asim says that you have motivated me, but you have also mocked me. Bell rings. Asim asks Abu about his decision. They nominated Koena, laughs and says, ungrateful man. Abu says that Devoleena takes care of us and worked hard with us, so we nominate Koena. Bigg Boss says the nominations are made. The nominated girls are Shehnaaz, Rashami, Koena and Dalljiet. Koena tells Asim that he is ungrateful.

Abu says this is just a task, we had to choose one. Asim says that Devoleena did not nominate me either. Does Asim ask you to give him a solid reason not to nominate any of them? Koena gets angry. Asim says that Devoleena did not nominate me when I became abusive. Koena says you’re ungrateful. Abu says that Siddharth S is very close to Rashami but he nominated her and she is fine. Asim tells Koena it wasn’t personal, Abu chose to nominate you. Koena says that your opinion is also important, your attitude was different there, you are false, you should have told a lot about what happened this week, you are ungrateful, I don’t care about Abu, but I expected from you. Asim says we don’t have a connection. Koena says I’ve tried a lot, so I thought you would be considerate, but you’re not.

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