Bigg Boss 13 1st October 2019 Video Full Episode

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 2 Day 2

Bigg Boss 13 1st October 2019 Video Full Episode

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 1st October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered today and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 1 October 2019 Episode aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 1 October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 1st October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 2:

10:00 AM

Inmates wake up with the song ruk ja ooh dil diwane, they all dance and enjoy.

11:45 AM

Paras asks Shehnaaz how she is so cute. Shehnaaz asks Siddharth how she is so cute. Tell him. Siddharth says he wants to know the reason behind this? Shehnaaz says we have few options here. Siddharth sys, are you trying to say you’re just cute here? Shehnaaz says that there are also hot people here, you’re making me get stuck here. Siddharth also jokes about it.

2:00 PM

Siddharth D enters the bathroom and tells Devolena and shows him his dirty toilet, he says that these people are celebrities. He enters the room and tells them that everything is in the toilet, nobody throws it away, come with me. Asim says that we will see what the problem is. Siddharth S says that he

You will not be able to fulfill the duty of going to the bathroom. Asim checks the bathroom and says that this is very bad.

2:45 PM

Mahira and others mock Paras about Shehnaaz. Mahira says he is not paying attention to you today. Paras says that I look good today, I will wear sherwani when you wear a tight suit. Arti jokes that his approach is changing.

3:00 PM

Arti tells Paras that nobody focuses on me, am I not pretty? Paras says you’re a friend, I’m sleeping with you, I mean, share a bed with you, don’t think badly. Arti says that love is friendship, your connection with me will be different, I tell you. Paras says don’t react too much, don’t mess up my game. Arti says you want to continue using girls? Paras says that girls will be beneficial for me and that I will be beneficial for them too.

3:30 PM

Devoleena is cooking in the kitchen. Siddharth S tries to help her and jokes if she likes it here? Devoleen says I like it when you’re around to help.

4:30 PM

Siddharth S tells Mahira that we must wait for everyone to get food.

4:45 PM

Shehnaaz tells Arti that if I find love here, then that’s not a problem for me, but I need true feelings, I don’t spend time here. Arti says he is not kidding; he is approaching you and you are corresponding. Shehnaaz says that I am like that with everyone and he talks like me, so I am interested, I like to be entertained but there is no love in two days. Arti says that anyone can flirt in an hour. Shehnaaz says that there should be true feelings and that I am not dying for the footage, I can get it on my own.

5:00 PM

Siddharth S says that we are going to look for food. Siddharth D says if you want, give food to everyone. Siddharth S says he was just saying to wait for everyone to receive it, they can eat it all, I don’t need it. Siddharth D says you want images, so you are doing this.

5:15 PM

Siddharth S tells Abu that you are right to keep the ration under control, but that people eat first. Siddharth says we don’t know how many rotis to do, if we don’t control then we’ll eat 10 eggs per person. He says that Siddharth D got angry because I told him to wait for others and not eat without others.

5:45 PM

Bigg Boss tells inmates that we ask you to choose a person to make a connection that will help them move forward in the game, let’s verify who has succeeded in this. He asks Siddharth S, Paras and Abu to sit on the stools. They do. Bigg Boss says that Asim and Siddharth D will not be part of this game since they went black. Bigg Boss says the girls will now take hearts with his name and give it to a boy who thinks he will take care of his heart and tell them the reason they think that guy deserves it. He asks Rashami to start. Rashami says it’s easy to talk to Paras and I think I can connect with him. She gives him heart, he thanks her. Koena says that Paras is kind to everyone, he entertains and keeps the spirit high, I think we will be good friends, she gives him heart. Shefali says that I want to give Paras a heart, that he can say what he wants and I feel a connection with him. Mahira says I want to give Paras a heart and I think we’ll take care of each other in the game. Arti says that I want to give heart to Siddharth S since many people want to connect with Paras and today I saw Sid with a new light. Devoleena says that I have a connection with others, but more with my kitchen mate, since he is kind and helpful, she gives heart to Siddharth S. Dalljiet says that I had a fight with Paras, but he listened to me and understood me , she gives heart to Paras. . Shehnaaz says that I have a good connection with Paras, but I want to give Abu a heart since I am unique, he thanks him and says sweetly.

Bigg Boss says that it is difficult to gain trust and when you have many hearts, then it is more difficult, we will see which heart is going to break, this activity is about nominations. He says that Siddharth S and Paras have hearts, they have to say who they trust they will break and nominate them and who they will save. He says that Abu has only one heart, so he doesn’t have to decide. Siddharth says that I have a connection with Devoleena and Arti. I know Arti from before, without taking anything away from Devoleena, but for now, I want to save Arti. He tears Devoleena’s heart.

Bigg Boss asks Paras to choose now. Paras says that among four girls, I had a little interaction with Rashami, so I want to nominate her, he says I don’t like crying girls, so I want to nominate Shefali, he says that Koena is behind the clothes and will steal them, so I want nominate her Bigg Boss asks Paras not to joke about that, to give a good reason. Paras says that I think I will not have a connection with her. He says that now it is between Mahira and Dalljiet, I really like my Mahira, so it breaks Dalljiet’s heart. Bigg Boss says the first nomination is made. Devoleena, Rashami, Shefali, Koena and Dalljiet are nominated.

6:15 PM

Shefali asks Paras when he was crying. Paras says you cry. Shefali says they are my feelings, you made me laugh, so I gave you that heart, but this is your personality, you don’t care about the feelings, you showed your colors. Paras says I don’t like crying babies. Siddharth D begins to cry, Shehnaaz asks what happened. Siddharth D says I can’t break hearts like this. Asim says that you are here to play a game. Paras tells Shefali that you have feelings but you are a crying baby and I don’t like people like that, I’m not kidding about your feelings. Shefali says you made fun of him, Rashami asks them to calm down. Shefali says that I said that her nature is good and that it makes everyone laugh, but I was wrong, it is false, your image is like that, they say you wander around with girls. Paras says don’t talk about my image, don’t be so crazy.

7:00 PM

Paras tells Mahira that Arti and Shehnaaz would have given me a heart, but thank God they didn’t, I would have saved Arti and they would have been nominated. Mahira says he would not leave so soon. Paras says you understand this game? Mahira says this is my favorite show, I understand that is why the heart went with you. Shefali tells Paras that everyone cries. Paras says I was just telling you to relax. Shefali says I have feelings and when you talk about it you can’t control … she starts crying. He hugs her and tells her not to cry, you’re a strong girl. Shefali says he was telling you that the way you said it was wrong.

8:15 PM

Rashami tells Paras that he was confused about who to give heart to, I have worked with Siddharth S and he is always there, so I thought he could make new connections. Arti says that I also thought you would give heart to him. Rashami says he speaks less, but we have a mature connection, I should talk to him, I should know him. Paras says you should talk to him, I’m from this industry, so I know about that big fight. Rashami says we still fight, we fight a lot but we both mature. Paras says that people have seen you as a husband and wife in a program, but think about showing a different side. Rashami says we have an understanding, he takes care of me, we are a different kind of people.

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