Bigg Boss 13 2nd October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 3 Day 3 & 4

Bigg Boss 13 2nd October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 2nd October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 2 October 2019 Episode aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 2 October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 3:

6:30 PM

Rashami asks Siddharth S if he wants to exercise and then he can go. Siddharth S says that I have to work and cook so much that I don’t have time. Siddharth D says your mom would be proud. Siddharth S says that these women act like goodie-goodie bahus but don’t work. Rashami says I help you.

6:45 PM

Siddharth D says that people don’t listen here, everyone wants to talk. Siddharth S says we don’t do everything for footage, not everyone dies for footage like you, you keep saying everyone is doing everything for footage. Siddharth D says you were screaming for images. Siddharth says that we also have disagreements in real life. Rashami tells Siddharth D that he must be careful with his words.

9:45 PM

Rashami is doing a wall in the bed. Siddharth S says why do you believe these when I break them in the dream? Everything is on camera, so it’s fine. Rashami takes his blanket and lies on the floor. Dalljiet lies with her. Rashami says it’s fine here. Shehnaaz will bring water to Siddharth S. Rashami says he always finds someone, why not us? We should have a glow like this. Siddharth S listens and smiles while he sleeps.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 4:

8:00 AM

Inmates wake up with the song. Everyone dances and enjoys it.

8:15 AM

Paras asks Shehnaaz to take out the ration. She ignores him and tells him to be professional. He laughs and sees her pulling tea from her drawer. Does it say you put it there? She says this tea is for the whole day.

10:00 AM

Shehnaaz enters the room and asks them to drink tea while Asim and Siddharth S are making tea. Rashami asks him to ask them to stop him, since they must first bathe. Shefali says who she is to tell me if I drink tea first or if I take a shower. Shehnaaz comes and says that tea will be prepared only once, I am not here to keep control over tea only.

12:30 PM

Siddharth D reads about his first task ‘BB Hospital’, whoever wins this task will become queen during the first week and control the bathrooms. The house is divided into two: A and B. Team A includes Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Aarti Singh, Siddhartha Dey, Asim Riaz and Koena Mitra, while Team B has Shenaz Gill, Mahira Sharma, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Shefali Bagga, Dalljiet Kaur. and Paras Chabbra. Abu Malik is the dean of the hospital and has to moderate the task. Team A will be patients in the hospital and team B will be medical staff, patients will not be able to walk, staff will take them in a wheelchair. When the operating room light is on, two staff members will be called and informed about the disease and the remedy for it. The staff will choose two patients and start applying those remedies to them. If patients get up from their chairs before the lights go out, the staff will get 2 points, but if they don’t get up, they won’t. Dean will decide on the points. They can use other things in the house.

2:00 PM

Paras tells his team to make Asim get up, get irritated. Siddharth S tells his team that we will go second, so let them do whatever they want. The task begins, Asim asks Shehnaaz to take him. She takes him a wheelchair and tells him to get up. Does it say you’ll take me inside too? She laughs.

2:30 PM

The lights of the operating theater come on. Bigg Boss asks Paras and Devoleena to treat the skin problem of two patients. Paras chooses Siddharth S and Asim. They bring them into the theater. Siddharth shouts that there are 4 people inside when only 2 are allowed. Asim throws things away and says you can’t bring them inside. Dalljiet shouts that you can use other things, it’s written in rules. Siddharth S asks him to calm down. Devoleena applies some things on her face and Asim gets up. He says I have an allergy on my skin. Asim says that they are applying creams on my face, I can’t let them do it. Arti yells that he has to endure a little, you have to play. Rashami says we are a team. Asim says no, they are applying depilatory cream. Shefali says it is a task. Inside the theater, Paras shaves Siddharth S. Rashami’s legs asking him to breathe. Devoleena applies depilatory cream on the face. Paras throws cow dung on Sid. Devoleena applies suntan cream on him. All inmates look while they look from a glass window. Devoleena puts her hands in ice water. Rashami screams that using ice in his eyes is wrong. Abu stops Paras. Arti applauds Sid S. Ice was put on his neck, feet and everywhere. Siddharth S washes his face. Sid screams that goes in my eyes. Rashami says don’t put ice at one point since your skin will burn. Shefali asks Paras not to remove the ice. Abu asks them to remove the ice. Paras asks him to go from there. Abu says I can stay in the operating room. Rashami says he has a skin problem, why do they use too much ice? Arti says I can go and talk to them. Koena says we’ll lose points, don’t do it. Rashami asks him not to shout. Koena says he is doing this for us. The lights get off. Siddharth S gets points. Rashami and Arti cry for him.

3:00 PM

Paras tells Asim that he was saved. Asim says you don’t have guts to use other parts. Why didn’t you come to me and use Devoleena? Paras says that you are a coward, that you have no guts. Asim shouts that you are a coward. They both approach but Devoleena asks Paras to stop him. Abu says what is happening to the youth of this country? Dalljiet says this is a game. Paras says that I used depilatory cream in Siddharth S where I shaved to burn it, but he was a man, unlike Asim. Paras and Shehnaaz tell Siddharth D that they will make him a beard. Siddharth D says that if you kiss me, I will shave. Shehnaaz says that I have many types of Punjabi, so now I want a well-shaved guy. Siddharth D says you choose me and I will shave. Paras says he’s naughty. Shehnaaz says that I will not choose it, since it will let me do what I want. Abu tells inmates that they cause irritation but don’t get physical. Asim says that I learned a lot from Shefali. Arti says I told them it would hurt his nerves, but Shefali was like having ice there. Shefali says you can keep the ice for a while in one place. Arti says he has nervous problems, so I never will, since we are human. I do not understand anything above humanity. Shefali says we are playing a game here.

4:45 PM

Arti tells Rashami that you are sensitive but I get angry, I felt that Shefali was getting a sadistic pleasure when I was angry. She mocked me personally yesterday alone, called me and Siddharth’s lovebirds. She shouldn’t go personally. Rashami says that you have to let things go, I also felt bad for Siddharth S but he likes the cold. Arti says he didn’t know.

5:15 PM

Bigg Boss says that Dalljiet and Mahira will treat stomach problems for patients to eat. They choose Siddharth D and Koena and take them to the operating room. They find aloe vera and make Siddharth D eat it. They make them eat herbs and eggs. Mahira asks Koena to eat fast. She says I will eat as I want. Abu says you can’t force feed them. Dalljiet says we are doing our homework. Mahira makes Koena drink Tabasco sauce. Shehnaaz asks Siddharth D to get up for a kiss. Koena asks Mahira not to feed the force, she is not an animal. Shehnaaz says that Siddharth D is not what she thought. Mahira says we can make them eat what we want? They make them eat salt. Shehnaaz brings egg with depilatory cream. Koena says what? I can’t eat it Mahira says it’s just salt. Siddharth D says don’t make us die. Koena says they don’t care. Koena throws up. Shehnaaz says to make them eat their vomit. Koena says she didn’t know that Mahira was so insensitive. Dalljiet says we have to make them eat with our hands. Abu says you can’t. Mahira gives Koena water and asks him to drink fast. Siddharth S encourages them. The lights go out and Koena, Siddharth D wins the round.

6:15 PM

Shefali and Shehnaaz become medical personnel and have to deal with ear problems with their talks. They choose Rashami and Arti. Shefali says we will go personally. Shehnaaz yells at Rashami that you think you are the most beautiful? She yells at Arti that you think you are a celebrity? Does Shefali say you got mad when I told you and Siddharth S? Shehnaaz says that Paras is my friend, not yours. Shefali asks Arti that people want to know what happened to her and Siddharth S? Your marriage broke up, right? You are trying to make a story with Siddharth S. Why did your marriage break? Everyone look when she talks about their marriage. Shefali says don’t tell me I said all this when we left here, since it will be a video for you. Shehnaaz says that Rashami is very old but only wants to cook. Shefali says he is only 14 years old. Arti starts to cry. Shefali says that Rashami has worked hard but is only growing in weight, not height. Shehnaaz says talk if you have guts. Shehnaaz imitates Arti crying. Shefali tells Arti that he can get up if he can’t stand it. Shehnaaz says, please get up. She hits herself and tells them to ask them to get up. I love Rashami, if she loves me, she will get up. Rashami says I have team members, I love them very much but I can’t get up. The lights get off. Arti and Rashami win. Arti cries. Dalljiet hugs her and says you know they did it in a game. Shehnaaz hugs Arti and apologizes to Rashami. Shefali approaches Arti and wipes her eyes. She asks for forgiveness. Arti goes to the bathroom with Rashami.

10:30 PM

Siddharth S tells Arti that why did you start crying over a talk? That was cheap, no matter what she says. Arti says that I just … I became sensitive. Siddharth S says they will talk about it, use your mind. Arti says he didn’t expect it. Siddharth S says he was very stupid, he won if it made you cry.

12:15 AM

Siddharth D tells Asim that his morning can be good when he sees Mahira’s face. Asim says I’m lucky. Asim says kiss the pillar that Mahira touched. Siddharth D kisses him. Paras laughs. Shehnaaz asks if he married? He says he went down the drain.

1:30 AM

Siddharth D tells Paras that it is good that Shehnaaz is with celebrities. Paras asks Shehnaaz to kiss him. Siddharth D says that you promised a kiss on the cheek, you are a liar. Paras says I need kisses, I can be sad. Shehnaaz says you can ask other girls. Shehnaaz says: go and ask for a kiss from Mahira. Paras says that if I receive a kiss from her, then you kiss me on the lips. She says I’ll kiss you in the heart, I don’t want to go to the lips right now.

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