Gathbandhan 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Gathbandhan 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Gathbandhan 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Gathbandhan Show is an Indian romantic series starring Shruti Sharma, Abrar Qazi Sonali Naik that airs on Colors TV. Voot Gathbandhan premiered and airs Monday through Friday. Today Gathbandhan 8 October 2019 Episode aired on Colors TV. Keep watching ColorsTV Drama Serial Gathbandhan 8th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Gathbandhan online.

Gathbandhan 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Ronak looks at his room and says it’s perfect. Dhanak looks around. Raghu comes there, so Ronak thanks him and says he said Dad will make a room like this for me, where is Dad Raghu says you play here. He takes Dhanak from there and tells him he has 2 minutes to tell him. Akshay tells Sejal that Raghu has kidnapped Dhanak, his torture. Sejal says it’s his personal affair, they got married twice and Ronak is Raghu’s son. Akshay says that I have the right to ask for answers.

Raghu tells Dhanak that you played well trying to marry Akshay. Dhanak says that I will never tell Ronak that you are his father. Ronak calls them and shows a shooting star in the sky to Dhanak. He says I’m going to find dad now. A flashback shows how Dhanak told Ronak that he will ask Bappa to Show him a shooting star when he meets his father. Flashback ends. Ronak says he’s my father, right? Tell me. Dhanak gets excited and says yes, Raghu is your father. Ronak says dad and hugs him, says I love you and I missed you so much, don’t leave me again. Raghu hugs him and cries. Ronak asks Dhanak why he didn’t tell her before.

Raghu says I was out for years, that’s why. He tells Raghu that seeing fate wanted Ronak to know about me. The servant says that Akshay is here. Raghu and Dhanak come to meet Akshay. Raghu prevents Dhanak from going with him and tells him how he got here without permission. Akshay says I’m here to take my future wife. Raghu says I can’t see her out there. Akshay takes Dhanak’s hand, so Raghu stops him and tells him that he is my respect and wife, Ronak is my son and this is my house, so leave with respect when you have time.

Akshay doesn’t listen. Raghu takes his hand and says: control your hands and desire, I can easily break them. Akshay says with what right? You have already divorced Dhanak. Raghu looks at the papers and smiles. Raghu says he took my signatures but didn’t see where I signed. He shows that he signed on the wrong side and says they are not valid. Dhanak is shocked. Raghu laughs and says you’re done? Did you think I’m a fool and I’ll sign wherever you want? He shows the pen he used. Akshay says I can go to the police. Raghu says yes, call them, I will tell them that you tried to take my signatures wrongly.

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