Bahu Begum 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bahu Begum 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Bahu Begum 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bahu Begum Show is an Indian family series starring Arjit Taneja, Diana Khan, Samiksha Jaiswal that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bahu Begum premiered and airs Monday through Friday. Today Bahu Begum 8 October 2019 Episode aired on Colors TV. Keep watching ColorsTV Drama Serial Bahu Begum 8th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bahu Begum online.

Bahu Begum 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Azaan, Shayra and Noor take Razia out of the trunk pool. Noor says that Ammi is not breathing. Azaan shouts Ammi. Shayra presses her stomach while Azaan rubs her feet. Razia returns to his senses. Azaan hugs her and cries. Shayra smiles. Qazala says let Razia rest, let everyone go to sleep. Surayya thinks if this is done by Ammijaan or Miyan. Razia asks how this trunk entered the house. Azaan says how he fell in the pool. Shayra says I know it and says it’s from Dadi Ammi.

Noor says I told him that Qazala committed a sin. Shayra says that I am not complaining, but that the trunk is from Dadi. Mashuqa brings the trunk Qazala says it’s my trunk, but how did it get here. Noor says you must have brought it. Shayra says we are trying to know who tried to kill Ammi. Qazala says choti Razia and Razia are against her now. She says both are her enemies. Qazala says he will leave the house. Azaan asks Shayra and Noor why they are behaving so badly with Dadi.

Shayra says we are asking him why the trunk is from Dadi. Surayya asks him not to blame qazala. Razia says that Shayra doesn’t blame her. Noor takes the side of Shayra. Azaan sided with Qazala. Qazala says this box is mine, it was old, so I gave it to someone. Shayra asks who Alladin comes and says I gave that box to Dilruba. Dilruba cries. Qazala says you tried to kill my bahu. Shayra says that Dilruba cannot do this and I fully trust him. Qazala says you trust Servant and not your husband’s Dadi.

Dilruba says he asked Alladin to give him the trunk, but he couldn’t drag it because it is heavy. Azaan asks why you didn’t talk until now. Shayra says you should have told us. Azaan asks Ali if he didn’t try to find his things. Shayra asks about the baby’s crying sound. Razia says there was a transistor in him. Alladin says he has all the call records that disappeared due to water. Azaan asks whose voice it is. Alladin says it was the sound of my daughter’s cry. He tells that his wife took her daughter with her. Azaan says that Dadi was the one who first saw the trunk in the pond. Noor says that Shayra saw the marks first.

Qazala says that I jumped into the water to save my bahu. Noor asks if you knew I was inside. Qazala says he rescued Razia and everyone blames her. Asgar says it’s his trick to throw them out. Noor says it seems you can do anything. Azaan says it may be that Ammi slipped and fell into the trunk. He asks Shayra to end the matter here and tells him he doesn’t want to hear anything against Dadi. Surayya asks if Asgar did this. Asgar asks him to leave. Noor says that Azaan is an idiot, he doesn’t understand.

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