Kasauti Zindagi Ki 22nd October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Kasauti Zindagi ki 22nd October 2019 Video Episode Update. Kasauti Zindagi ki Show is an Indian TV romantic series starring Urvashi Dholakia, Shweta Tiwari, Ekta Kapoor that airs on Star Plus. HotStar Kasauti Zindagi Ki premiered and airs Monday through Friday. Today Kasauti Zindagi ki 22 October 2019 Episode aired on Star Plus. Keep watching StarPlus Drama Serial Kasauti Zindagi ki 22nd October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Kasauti Zindagi ki online

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Anurag says I’ll fill sindoor in your maang, I want to make you mine. He fills his maang with sindoor. They hug Hamesha tumko chaha … plays … They think in their moments. She cries. He wipes the tears and says that we have joined together, Durga Maa is the witness of this. Mohini thinks about Moloy’s words and cries. She thinks of Prerna. She takes clothes from the closet. Prerna says I want sangeet,

mehendi, haldi, shehnais, long ghunghat, big wedding, everything. Anurag says that all your dreams will come true tomorrow. She smiles. They hug He says I love you. She says that I love you too. He says that together we will face the trials of life. She nods and hugs. Ronit asks how long you will stay inside the room. Komolika says I want to go out and meet Anurag, I’m alive Thanks to him, I have to get him to fix the scores, Anurag got out of my hands, he’s only mine, I’ll get it.

Mohini asks which one is better Anurag says this doesn’t look your type. She smiles and says it’s for Prerna. She shows red sari. He says this. She says that I know, I also liked it, each Saas gives her Bahu wedding clothes, you know Prerna’s choice, I wanted you to choose. He says I will prepare and come if you are going to meet her. He hugs her and says that I get doubly happy when I see you happy. He goes. Kumud says that you have finally accepted that servant’s daughter. Mohini says that I know that Anurag is very happy, nothing is worse than me, I have no other choice. Kumud says that what you are doing is accepting defeat,

Prerna is making you double, she will make you dance. Mohini asks him to go and do his job. Kumud says that it is all the desire of Durga Maa, the poison will show its effect. She goes. Anurag arrives at Prerna and collides with her. She gets hurt. He asks if you are well. She says I’m a little hurt. Mohini is coming. Anurag says this is love, not worry. Mohini asks for forgiveness. Anurag says I’m sorry, mom is here too. Mohini gives Shagun Lahenga to Prerna. She gives her ancestral bracelets too. She blesses you.

Prerna is about to touch her feet. Mohini hugs her. Anurag hugs them. Moloy and Anupam smile. Moloy says that I feel very happy. Mr. Bajaj is coming. He says I stole the day of his marriage from his life, I return the day, I already made all the arrangements. Moloy says we think we will make the arrangements. Mr. Bajaj says that the time was shorter, I could not sleep at night and made calls to fix things. Kuki says that I will prepare my mother. Mr. Bajaj asks them to prepare. Mohini and everyone leaves. Anupam shows the sherwani. Moloy thanks him for the Kurta. He asks what you wear at night. Anupam says I won’t tell you, it’s my Diwali clothes. Moloy sees other clothes. Anupam asks him to leave. Mohini asks if the arrangements were made.

Kumud says yes, when Nivedita comes. Tapur says it’s fine, he only had a cast in his hand. Kumud asks how he fell. Tanvi says Rishabh, it’s true, I told Anurag everything, I’m sorry. Mr. Bajaj says he is fine. He goes to Anurag and says he looks good. Anurag thanks you. He says I want to ask about the pandit. Maasi says you can hide it but I can see that it is difficult for you. Mr. Bajaj says that I will tolerate as much as I can, and then I will go, his love is true. Pandit comes and says that there is an hour for the mahurat, he had arrived early, there was a big Durga puja, I had to distribute Mata chunri there, I’m glad to see Moloy standing. Moloy says Mata’s blessing. Mohini smiles and congratulates Anurag. She thinks I’m afraid that Prerna will come in her life.

Ronit is surprised and ends the call. Komolika asks what happened, was the doctor’s call, did he say anything Ronit says no, it was a call from my friend, he said Mr. Bajaj divorced Prerna. She smiles and says poor girl, I feel very bad for her, Mr. Bajaj doesn’t want her in her life, she deserves the worst, no … what a minute, it means that Prerna and Anurag are together again. Ronit says yes, they are getting married. She is surprised. She asks when is marriage. He says today. She says no, I cannot allow this to happen, Anurag is my love, he cannot marry anyone else, I will tell him that I am Komolika, Anurag is still my husband, I have to stop this wedding

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