Muskaan 22nd October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Muskaan 22nd October 2019 Video Episode Update. Muskaan Show is an Indian TV romantic series starring Yesha Rughani, Arina Dey. Sharad Malhotra that airs on Star Bharat. Muskaan premiered and airs Saturday and Sunday. Today Muskaan 22 October 2019 Episode aired on Star Bharat. Keep watching Hot Star Drama Muskaan 22nd October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Muskaan online.

Muskaan 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Gayatri crying for Lovely. Bua and Hanumant comfort her. Ronak and Muskaan go down the stairs. Ronak reads Lovely’s letter … Come on, I don’t want to become an eclipse of Ronak and Muskaan’s happiness, don’t try to find me. Ronak says we’ll convince her and get her back, come. Everyone rushes. Beautiful walks along the way. Some thugs see her and comment.

Surendar guy comes and defeats thugs. Lovely asks Surendar if it’s okay. He asks if you are well. She says yes, thanks for being on time and saving me from bullies. Surendar asks Ronak, can’t you take care of Lovely Is there no one to take care of her when Dipendar died Lovely says I won’t go there. Surendar says I’ll go with you and take care of you. Ronak says, please come home, today is my marriage, you has to be ther Gayatri and Muskaan ask him to return home. Lovely seats They come home Dolly says promise me you will never leave home. Ronak says I can understand that you hurt yourself.

Muskaan thinks that if Lovely has returned, he will make a great plan in his mind, it wasn’t evil before. Ronak says that I know that Muskaan’s past was the brothel, but the truth is that she is part of this family, everyone knows what Muskaan and I have tolerated, please forget everything, I want to start a new life, I know everyone has Any reason not to like it, I want everyone to respect it, I ask everyone to respect it, accept it, I decided that when I take seven votes with her, the whole family will take the seven votes. Hanumant smiles.

Bua asks how this can happen. The doctor asks if there is any pain or weakness, it is a good sign, we will remove the bandages today, we will know when we remove the bandages. Bua says that I mean it can’t happen. Ronak says that it is between Muskaan and me, this pure bond, the whole family will be part of the votes, if this relationship is formed, then it will be with the whole family, otherwise, this is my promise, I will take Muskaan and go, I will be happy in my own world, I can understand your answer, even then I will give time, I will decide well, I will not give a chance then. Muskaan gets the soup. Ronak takes Muskaan.

Bua asks if we have to take the seven votes. Everyone goes. Lovely smiles and adds the pills to the soup. She thanks Surendar. She says you sent the thugs and did a good drama. Ronak says I can’t tell Muskaan this. Hanumant says he should know. Ronak says she will think for everyone and then for herself, I don’t want to tell her anything. Ronak comes to Muskaan.

He turns around and says the couple can’t see each other. He says it’s a bad day for us, I want you to support me in this. She says I will always support you. He thanks you. Gayatri asks Lovely to prepare. Lovely does not wake up. Ronak asks his decision. Gayatri and everyone is ready to vote. Ronak says I’m glad my family is with me. Lovely should say yes. He asks Lovely to say yes fast. She comes back. They are surprised to see her pass out.

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