Nimki Vidhayak 18th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Nimki Vidhayak 18th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Nimki Vidhayak Show is an Indian TV romantic series starring Bhumika Gurung, that airs on Star Bharat. Nimki Vidhayak premiered and airs Saturday and Sunday. Today Nimki Vidhayak 18 October 2019 Episode aired on Star Bharat. Keep watching Hot Star Drama Nimki Vidhayak 18th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Nimki Vidhayak online.

Nimki Vidhayak 18th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Tune sees Nimki approaching the stage. Mishra sees her. Tune says that Nimki don’t come here. We call you by mistake. Nimki says they have gone crazy Mishra tells his man to kill Nimki only today. Mintu’s friend says please call the Mintu dadi too. Tune says that I am not a speaker here. He sees the power bank. Tune says, please give me a power bank. It’s very important. Please. Mintu says where were you  You ate those kachoris.

Dadi says I’m so innocent. Mintu says don’t lie. Dadi says let me have fun in this life. I don’t know how long it would last. Mintu says that I will do what you do with me. Don’t hide anything from me. She says I will not. Mauha sees Ramla and Mono. Ramla says he really wanted to see you. Monkey says where is it tune Mauha says I came alone. I was waiting for Nimki to leave. She would see me and make faces. Monkey says he praised you a lot today. Ramla says yes, said Mauha is so strong. Mauha really says She must have called herself a delicate princess.

Ramla says that you two know each other very well. Maua says where is she Ramla says his name was announced. Someone called her Nimki Mukhiya by the microphone. Mauha says I know who it could be Nimki comes there. She says what is she doing her Did you call her Mauha says who were you with? Mishra’s man says that she is here. Mauha says you met Tune, right Nimki says why would he do it? He is the Shahrukh Khan? Mauha says she came here without letting me know and Nimki Mukhiya said in the announcement. Nimki says that now you have turned me into a vampire who is a house destroyer. Tune calls Nimki.

Nimki says talk to your melody. Tune says that Nimki says your life. Mauha says you came here to meet your best friend. You always become a hero. I only had Tune, you took it too. Mauha cries. Nimki says shut up. Ramla tells Mauha what you are saying. Let’s play dandiya. Mauha leaves. Ramla says that I think something happened between them. I just want you, two sisters, to join. Nimki says that will not happen. I’m going out. The killer points his gun at Nimki. Dadi bumps into him. The weapon falls. He says I’m sorry, my gun fell. Dadi says leave him Mintu. The killer loses sight of nimki. Mishra says you kill her just when you see her. Tune tries to call Nimki. Mintu’s friend says: do you know Nimki Tune says that I am her best friend.

She was going to the back. Tune runs.Parag drinks The mummy won’t let me out. His friend says your mother doesn’t let you do anything. Mauha leaves. Her friend says that she is the same girl who said no forgiveness. Parag says: stop. He pulls Mauha. Mauha says let me go. Parag says you didn’t say sorry right? Say sorry. The host says our lottery will be announced. Dadi says he would. Vishnu says he would. Dadi says we are family. The host announces the number. Dadi wins. Dadi says I won. Everyone screams. Ganga asks Shankar where Parag is. This is the moment of the photo. I want your picture on the cover. Mauha cries and says: leave me. Parag says I’m sorry. Mauha apologizes. Let me go now. Tune asks Ramla where is Nimki Dadi is coming to the stage. The host says that Ganga will give the gift. Dadi says he can’t see me and Mintu.

Dadi stops. Mintu says that dadi come on. Nimki sees Mauha. Parag and her friends are mistreating her. Nimki says to leave her. Parag says don’t get involved in everything Dadi says I have to go home. I remembered something. Mintu says we will get your picture. Shankar asks Ganga to go with her Nimki says leave her or I’ll break your hands. He says you can’t stop me. Who are you? Only one MLA. And this disgusting girl. Nimki slaps him. Bargain comes out too. Everyone is there. Parag is angry.

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