Tara From Satara 21st October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Tara From Satara 21st October 2019 Video Episode Update. Tara From Satara Show is an Indian family series starring Roshni Walia, Sheezan Mohd that airs on Sony TV. SonyLiv Tara From Satara premiered and airs Monday through Thursday. Today Tara From Satara 21 October 2019 Episode aired on Sony TV. Keep watching SonyTV Drama Serial Tara From Satara 21st October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Tara From Satara online.

Tara From Satara 21st October 2019 Written Episode Update

MK praises the actions taken so far, but Shrilekha says that we have not yet seen the creepy performance. RD asks Paddy why Gurpreet’s eye is still not right. Do something. Paddy sends Tara to bring her a particular accessory. Divya is upset. MK says we are still waiting for a shocking performance. The name of Gurpreet is announced.

Divya believes that the message he sent from Tara’s phone will work in his favor now. The introduction of Gurpreet is shared. Samar speaks most of the time. Gurpreet remembers how unhappy Samar has been with his decision all along. Flashback shows him blaming her for instigating the children. She begs to differ, but he insists that she herself should have dealt with this fact. He ends up slapping her.

Samar and Gurpreet’s family praises his decision on the video. Gurpreet uses his shadows and goes on stage Tara looks at Arjun. He warns her not to laugh at him again. She warns him in return. Don’t threaten the people of Satara! I don’t have time to laugh now. I’m worried. He asks what happened. She asks if he saw Radhika. I haven’t seen her for a long time. He denies She calls it lifeguard. Let’s find her together. We will find her soon then. He reasons that his performance has not yet happened. She asks but he asks her to understand. I don’t want to be out in the first round.

Tara warns that her Tai could be out of the program without even trying. Rahul says I wanted to help you but I have knee pain. Tara leaves. Arjun looks helpless. Gurpreet does belly dance in Banno’s song. Tara is talking to Bappa. I’m stuck here but you won’t do anything! Baba is watching the show. You know what will happen if you see Tai dancing in the Western style! Ankit Sir will not forgive me if he finds me, while Tai is not eager to dance westernly in a Bollywood song! I talked to Venky, Paddy Sir and Arjun, but nobody helped me. How should I help Tai now Arjun says to find her first. She says I’m talking to Bappa. He says we look for your Tai together.

We will talk to Bappa then. Tara thanks Bappa. I have both Bappa and the lifeline on my side now. We will find Tai. Arjun reminds him to start looking. Both are headed in different directions. Shrilekha gives Gurpreet good comments. Amol asks if this was the performance he was waiting for. Shrilekha denies it. It deserves 3.5 out of 5. Mishika also praises the dance. MK also praises the Gurpreet dance. He asks her why she doesn’t take off her glasses after all. Do you have better loot than MK Take it out now.

Tara wonders where Radhika is. She notices Paddy and approaches him. Do not be angry after hearing my request. He tells her to say it. She shares that Radhika is better in Kathak. She can’t do western dance. Paddy asks if Radhika bribed her to talk to him. She is not a queen to choose the dance form alone. She will have to do the assigned dance form! Tara shares that she is his sister. I know she can’t tell you anything, so I tell you. Only you can help her. Baba will also bother if Tai dances in any other style. Paddy says we are not here to please your Baba.

I would have seen that only Kathak won’t help you survive here. We can’t just do Kathak. You will have to dance or you will be asked to leave! RD tells MK not to do this, but MK is sure that this will raise the TRP meter. He goes on stage to help Gurpreet. Gurpreet takes off his glasses. His eye is still bruised. Shrilekha asks if there is a problem. MK says I know some of that. He shows a video to Gurpreet. Divya is glad to have sent the video from Tara’s phone. I will not fall into any problem because of this. Gurpreet watches the video and then Samar. MK tells Gurpreet not to worry.

You may not be to blame for any of this, but you must tell us who you are and why you are doing this. Gurpreet shares that the boy in the video is his fiance Samar. His eyes high up. MK invites Samar to the stage. Arjun and Tara couldn’t find Radhika anywhere. Ankit looks at Tara. Tara asks Arjun if Tai got scared and left the program. He tells her not to cry. We will think of something. He notices something and points up. Radhika is standing on the balcony. Arjun and Tara go up the stairs.

Ankit is right behind them. MK asks Samar if he hit Gurpreet. Why have you done it if this is true? Gurpreet is our family member. We will ask if something will happen to you. Sachin dice que la gente no busca talento y amor en estos días. ¡Los atraerán así! Esta es la razón por la que no quiero enviar Radhika a Mumbai. Arruinan todo. Solo buscan drama. ¡Subastarán al artista en este escenario! Se va por el momento y acepta regresar para cuando Radhika esté en el scenario Gurpreet dice que no ha hecho nada.

Estaba ensayando con él y perdimos el equilibrio accidentalmente. Incluso él está herido, pero yo me lastimé aquí. RD le dice a MK que abandone el tema. MK acepta la historia. Aplaudamos por los pájaros del amor. Todos comienzan a aplaudir. MK le dice a Gurpreet que Samar pensará diez veces antes de lastimarla la próxima vez. MK cree que Samar también aprenderá su lección de esta manera. Las calificaciones de todos modos aumentarán. ¡Esto es doble explosión! Radhika está llorando. Arjun y Tara se paran a ambos lados. Ankit mira. Significa que Radhika es la hermana de Tara. ¡Ella tomó el lugar de Tara y vino aquí! Debo decirle a RD

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