Tara From Satara 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Tara From Satara 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Tara From Satara 8th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Tara From Satara Show is an Indian family series starring Roshni Walia, Sheezan Mohd that airs on Sony TV. SonyLiv Tara From Satara premiered and airs Monday through Thursday. Today Tara From Satara 8 October 2019 Episode aired on Sony TV. Keep watching SonyTV Drama Serial Tara From Satara 8th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Tara From Satara online.

Tara From Satara 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Ankit looks back and points out that he looks like a minor. Does your family know that you will work here? She nods. They sent me here. He tells you to sign your form with your father or there will be a big problem! Tara is in a bind. What happens if I don’t write Baba’s name I will not lie and even Bappa will not bother. She leaves the column blank and gives the form to Ankit. She leaves the room in silence. Ankit notes that the father’s name field is blank. There is so much work pending and now I will have to look for it! Outside, Tara prays to Bappa to save her and Radhika Tai.

Paddy tells the contestants that they will try to perfect everyone’s dance style. He tells Divya to merge Bollywood and Kathak. She appreciates it. Tara looks at him. Paddy tells him to select the costume For herself. You must adapt to your body type and body shape. Tara helps Divya select a costume. Rahul gives his own opinion on the form of dance. Paddy accepts easily. I have a perfect costume for you, but Rahul already has a costume designer and a dress. He clicks on a selfie with Paddy, who tells him to tag it in the photo. Rahul smiles. Arjun ignores it. Paddy tells Gurpreet to wait. I will have to think of something for you. DJ gets robotic dance form. He gives a good demonstration. Tara imitates him in a corner.

His shadow appears on the cloth. Everyone starts laughing at the notice. Paddy diverts his attention to the essay. Tara finds a beautiful dress in the middle of the dressing room. I’ve been asking Tai to buy me a similar dress for so long. Should I try once? Bedane would have encouraged me to use it if he were here. She puts on that dress and starts dancing. Ankit passed by and notices his shadow. He recognizes her as the same girl who was at the auditions in Satara. Tara listens to her voice and becomes alert. Why is he here? Did you discover anything on the form? I wrote everything correctly. How did you discover this from time to time Is he a cop She hides under her clothes. Ankit can’t find her. How did she disappear again He steps on his shoe as he turns to leave. It seems to belong only to her. How long will it run now Paddy asks about Radhika. Radhika is sitting in a corner. She is tense by the way she dances.

Divya tells Paddy that Radhika remains distant. She does not interact with us at all. He asks if anyone tried to talk to her. She nods. His attitude is completely different. Paddy announces lunch. We will resume later. Divya smiles. Tara begins to walk but realizes that she has lost her only shoe. She can’t find it in that area. DJ and another colleague promote some new sweet cookies. Tara walks with a shoe alone on her foot. She asks Bappa why he doesn’t take a break. Everything is going crazy. She sits next to Tai. Rahul offers a foreign drink to Arjun when he sees him eat bitter gourd, but he refuses. Tara accepts it with pleasure and drinks from the bottle. He takes his picture and uploads it with a hashtag.

She plans to inform Radhika about Ankit, but realizes her discomfort. Radhika shares that he should have known he doesn’t belong here. I don’t know that I will have to do different forms of dance here. I was worried that they might discover that I would not audition in the first place. She drops the subject. Did you do something again? What happened? Tara decides not to tell him about Ankit. Tai will be more worried. She dismisses the subject. Radhika asks about her other shoe. You missed it? Tara says we’ll find it. Radhika tells him to start looking for him. Tara ties a shoe to her bag with her drawstring. Tara suggests to Radhika to tell her Baba the truth. He will give you the right idea. Radhika is worried, but Tara says I have an idea book. Bedane says this is like walking in the lion’s cave. Tara tells him to tell Aayi and she will tell Baba.

Radhika tells him to tell Bedane to hurry up. I cannot say yes to Paddy Sir without Baba’s consent. Bedane tells Tara to shed some tears for her if she becomes a martyr during this mission. She tells him that it is not the time to shed tears. You will do an amazing job. The lunch break is over. Paddy asks about Radhika. Arjun takes a step forward. Can we decide my dance until Radhika returns Paddy asks if he is in a hurry to become no 1 Arjun declines politely. Paddy asks what form of dance he will do. Arjun tells him with confidence to name him. I will do it. Paddy makes fun of him. You never had a class or a teacher, right Arjun replies that he could not afford it. Paddy tells him the form of dance chosen for him: trample. We will decide your accessories later. Arjun agrees. Paddy asks what the dance form means.

Arjun tells him the meaning. Paddy asks if he has ever seen or tried it. Arjun stands there still. Paddy says that you think you are dancers without having enough knowledge about things. Arjun decides to discover each and every one of the strong footsteps before the grand premiere. Bedane is gathering courage to go ahead of Sachin. Tara calls him on video. Did you talk to Aayi? Bedane says he won’t forgive anyone today. Sachin is trying to kill the mosquitoes. This scares Bedane again. Let me calm him down. They begin to discuss their studies. Bedane looks up and Sachin looks at him alone. He asks Tara what he did this time. Tara lies that she was talking to Tai. He hands the phone to Radhika. Sachin asks what happened. Radhika shares that he was asked to do western dance in the first episode.

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