Vidya 17th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Vidya 17th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Vidya Show is an Indian family series starring Meera Deosthale, Namish Taneja that airs on Colors TV. Voot Vidya premiered and airs Monday through Friday. Today Vidya 17 October 2019 Episode aired on Colors TV. Keep watching ColorsTV Drama Serial Vidya 17th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Vidya online.

Vidya 17th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Vivek says tell me if it’s about school. He tells everyone about the way he learned about school fraud. The inspector arrives at Dharma and says that Vidya accepted his crime, that you are under arrest. Dharma says I’m innocent, don’t arrest me. Dream and murmur. Maa wakes him up. He is scared. Vivek says that the school will follow all the rules,

Nanku will not enter this school, he is not the head of Devgarh now, he would have received the letter, he is no longer the head of the village. Nanku receives the letter. He gets angry. Vivek says that food service is now provided to a new company, not Jagat’s company, Vidya will take care of this duty, only that she has sincerely done her work here, Nanku would have learned that Jagat’s contract is also canceled Jagat asks Nanku Why is he silent

Vivek is bothering them. He asks how the studies are going, you are teachers, you didn’t ask the principal, why don’t you take the exams, even Vidya didn’t ask, I want to see how well the children learned English. He gives question documents to everyone. He asks everyone to go and have the children answer the questions. Santosh asks what should I do. Vivek says you keep the school clean. He warns her. Vivek asks Vidya why you didn’t go, I have high hopes for you. Vidya says I need to talk something imp. He asks you to go, this test is necessary.

She nods and leaves. Tripathi asks the children to answer the questions. He says: ask me if you don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you. Vivek listens to him. Tripathi says answer as I taught you, great. Vivek leaves. Vidya gives the question documents to the children. Vivek wait. Avtaar thinks of Vidya. He talks with his party people. Vivek sees the clock. Dharma and Maa sit down to pray at home. Vivek is surprised to see the newspapers. He says the children have responded badly. Tripathi says I taught well, worked hard. Vivek says that I can see your hard work, only 9/20 passed in your subject. He asks other teachers. He comes to Vidya and says that no child passed your subject, I thought he would get a 100% result in your subject, what is all this He shows Vidya the papers. Vidya checks the answers. He says the children did not try many questions.

She remembers Avtaar’s words. Vivek says that I know you joined recently, but that you would have time to teach children basic things. Santosh says that Vidya would have taught well, DM Sharma praised Vidya a lot, Sharma will lie. Vidya thinks that means I taught badly that day, why Sharma lied, Avtaar came to school that day. Vivek asks Santosh to call the children’s parents, they should also be responsible. Vidya says I need to talk. Vivek says that I will talk to you later, I have to meet the children and their parents. Tripathi asks what he is going to talk to the children now. He jokes with Vidya. Vivek knows the children. He explains his work to the children. He asks if your teachers teach you every day. Children see their teachers. Vivek says don’t be afraid, tell me. The girl says that sometimes they teach, we play in the classroom when they don’t come. He asks who your favorite teacher is. They say teacher Vidya. Vivek asks why you like her.

The boy says that Vidya saved the life of our friend, a snake had bitten him, prepared us good food, we came to school thanks to her, now she also takes a bath at school, talks to us with love. Vivek asks them to study hard. Santosh says I have his parents. He says I will come. He goes. He apologizes to the parents. He says that the teachers did not give time and taught the children, you should also teach the children at home. Parents praise Vidya. Vivek smiles. He says we have many problems, the solution is that we must work hard, we must be patient,

we must face every situation and not run away, the teacher is the creator of destiny, so contribute honestly. Vidya thinks I was going to make a big mistake telling him the truth, if the parents of the children knew that I was illiterate and taught them badly, they would have lost hope in education, no, I will not do this.

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