Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2019 Video Episode Update. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Show is an Indian TV romantic series starring Shivangi Joshi, Mohsin Khan, Hina Khan that airs on Star Plus. HotStar Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai premiered and airs Monday through Friday. Today Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 October 2019 Episode aired on Star Plus. Keep watching StarPlus Drama Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai online.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Kartik said I’m so stupid that I didn’t ask Kairav ​​about his birthday. Naira says you don’t have time. Kartik says yes, I didn’t notice the date of birth in the medical documents. Naira says that only age is written on it. He says yes, we can celebrate Kairav’s birthday and I together, I heard those things, but it’s true. She says yes, it’s true, this day will be special for us, Kairav ​​will celebrate the day with you.

Kairav ​​is locked in the closet. Naira says she used to wait for you forever, I didn’t tell her that your birthday also falls on the same day, I can tell her that this time, she will be very happy. He says I am so happy that I will make the day very special. She says I won’t stop them, seeing them both together, everyone will be happy, Dadi has to avoid many vision problems times. They laugh. Kairav ​​cries and says that dad fights with mom, that’s why he’s sad Kartik says I want to jump happily, you used to start celebrating when the birthday month came.

Naksh looks for Kairav. Kartik says he dated Vansh. Naksh says no, Kairav ​​was left at home. Naira says she didn’t come home. Kartik says yes, we were here. They watch football. Naira says it’s Kairav ​​football. Kartik says where Kairav ​​is. Kairav ​​hits the closet and coughs. Everyone is looking for him. Naira says we panic when we don’t find the child, we should check the house. Kairav ​​faints. Naira sees the shoelace and says that Kairav ​​had used it today. She runs to the closet and opens it. Kartik and Naira are surprised to see Kairav. They scream Pallavi asks Vedika, are you alright? Why did not you call me Vedika says I’m fine.

Pallavi asks what’s going on, tell me. Vansh comes to play. Vedika ends the call. She worries. The doctor checks Kairav ​​and says he is out of danger, explain that he has done wrong. Naksh looks at Kartik. Naira says maybe he was accidentally locked up. Kartik says I think he’s upset. Naksh says yes, thanks to you. Drag Kartik and say that you are the problem for Kairav, without knowing it we do those things, the children hide when they are upset, we have to explain them. Naira says that maybe Kairav ​​and Vansh had a fight. Naksh says no, Kairav ​​can hear everything, maybe he heard about your fight. Naira says we didn’t tell you. Naksh says he would know, otherwise, why would he react like this Bhabhimaa and Kairav ​​hear Naksh scream.

Naksh says that Kartik is responsible for this, made Naira cry so much. He asks Kartik if he thought of Naira and Kairav. He says that Naira thought of Kairav, then Kartik realized this guilt, it was all for him, Naira went to Mumbai for him, Naira lost her memory, Naira went to Goa and pretended to be dead by Kartik, Naira had to see so much Pity for Kartik. Kartik nods and cries. Kairav ​​listens to them. Naksh says that when Kairav ​​wakes up, we’ll make him talk to you. Kartik leaves. Naira comes to Kairav ​​and asks why you went to sit in the closet. Kairav ​​says I’m sorry, it happened by mistake. She says promise me you won’t do this again. Says promise, you’re the best mom in the world, I won’t bother you, are you sad? She says no,

that she was scared, that I am happy. He says you don’t look good when you cry. She says I’m not crying, I’ll call the doctor. Devyaani says Naksh was wrong, Kartik made mistakes, Naira also made mistakes, Kartik doesn’t know that Naira is doing this because of Vedika. Naksh says that Kartik should understand that Naira is a mother. Bhabhimaa says that Kartik is Kairav’s father, we will invite Goenkas to lunch. Naksh says it is not necessary. Naksh sees Vedika. Kartik arrives home and receives the call from Naira.

He asks if Kairav ​​is fine. Naira says yes, relax, I know you would have reacted in the same way if it had been Kirti in my place, Naksh said that in anger. He says that if it is true … She says that I am also to blame, that I wanted to take Kairav ​​to Goa, maybe he knew it or not, we are both to blame. Kartik says thanks Naira, your words gave me strength. She says think about birthday, did you get that spring on your feet, jump, dance? He smiles and says that his Dussehra too, Kairav ​​saw him. She says no, you show it. He says done. She says we will start with a positive note. He says he was thinking … She asks him to say. He says I have no right, I’m just requesting, if possible, don’t take Kairav ​​too far. He ends the call. She worries and thinks about Vedika

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