Bigg Boss 13 5th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 6 Day 7 (Weekend Ka Vaar)

Bigg Boss 13 5th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 5th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 5 October 2019 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 5th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 5th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar:

Salman shows the highlights of this week and how the grouping was done and Asim was the goal. Siddharth S got girls and Paras kept flirting. Salman takes the stage and dances so tan. Welcome everyone to the show. Salman says the inmates are in control, but you know this is a fast season, they have already started the drama at home, we only have 3 weeks left. Salman says the voting lines were closed since we want to give them a chance. He says that Devoleena, Shefali, Rashami, Koena and Dalljiet were nominated, there will be no evictions this week, but they don’t know it.

Salman connects a call with the inmates and says that I got mad at the inmates, but what are Bhanu and Prakash doing at home? He laughs and says that you look good at home. Salman praises them and says We have three weeks to go. Salman says that Devoleena became a baby of Bahu, everyone laughs. Salman says that Paras broke hearts and made many girls nominate. Salman says everyone should sit with their best friends. Salman asks Paras to stop, he does. Salman jokes about his dress as Ranveer. Salman says you think 800 calories can be burned with a kiss? What kind of kiss is that? No one needs to do cardio then, everyone laughs. Salman says that Koena became a didi for girls.

Koena says that if they like to call me didi, then that’s fine. Devoleena says we respect her. Salman praises Abu for going to the pool. Salman tells Siddharth S that he is in demand. He calls Shehnaaz Katrina from Punjab. Shehnaaz says we are matching today. Salman says yes. I asked them what color you wear today, he asks you to dance. She dances in bhumro. Salman jokes that Siddharth D looks horny, is it natural? He says yes. Salman says he made everyone laugh with his snoring. Shehnaaz imitates his snoring and says it’s good. Shehnaaz also imitates Shukla. Salman says that Mahira is not doing much. He says there has been a disappointment with one person, she was good with her confidence, but then she wanted the approval of others and her game fell. Siddharth S says it is Shefali.

Salman says to think seriously about that name since I also mean it. He says his name is Arti. He ends the call and says that Arti realized this today morning. Arti tells Siddharth D that I am afraid, I am not following my words, he cries and says that I am not overcoming the situation, something is depressing me, I do not speak for the environment, I want to show what is real about me, my identity is cursing, Arti real hides because he is afraid and I accept that. On stage, Salman connects the call to the house. Show a connecting seat and ask inmates to say who made the strongest connection. Shehnaaz tells me and Paras. Siddharth D tells me and Shefali. Shefali agrees. Koena, Siddharth S, Paras, Rashami and Arti say it is Paras and Shehnaaz. Arti says he tried to make a connection with all the girls. Paras says that it is Shehnaaz and me. Devoleena, Dalljiet and Abu say they are Paras and Shehnaaz.

Abu says he was looking at her and saying she is pretty when she entered the house. Mahira and Asim take the name of Paras and Shehnaaz. Salman jokes about Asim’s English accent. Paras and Shehnaaz sit in the connecting seat. Salman shows a Kaal chair and says that anyone who can stand between Paras and Shehnaaz would sit there. Everyone says it’s Mahira, Koena says it’s Siddharth D, Asim says it could be Shefali. Mahira says it may be Siddharth D. Mahira sits in Kaal’s chair. Mahira says that I am a good friend of Paras. Salman says we saw that friendly fight. Everyone laughs Salman asks Rashami to bring things from the store. She does. Salman says it is a picnic basket.

He says that Devoleena, Rashami, Dalljiet and Mahira should go and continue their picnic they did last week, everyone laughs. Salman says that his people are here to show his personality, some other personality does not suit him. Salman says that you have personalities but do not follow a group, I will guide you every weekend. Salman says that Siddharth S is only shown in the kitchen when Devoleena and Rashami are also working there, I tell you as a good host. Salman asks Arti what the BB hospital task was about. Arti says that I chose not to answer Shefali because it was uncomfortable, I have a strong personality and I told Siddharth D that I want Salman to scold me because I was excited.

Salman asks Paras why they do a homework. He says to win. Salman says that we do it for entertainment and also for rewards, everyone wanted to look good, Shukla started well but his team members didn’t support him, right? Siddharth S says that Rashami and others did not want to do everything possible. Rashami says I disagree, I did my homework but, as a person, it is not me who hurts others. Salman says you have a lot of fans, but that you are knocking down your team if you prevent others from doing homework too. Rashami says he was confused. Salman says we do homework but they are not damaging, this task was rejected for the first time. Does Salman ask Abu what should have been the queen? Abu says that I thought it was Shehnaaz, but Devoleena ate everything and deserved to win the task.

Paras says that Devoleena made Asim leave in a matter of minutes. Devoleena says that Asim was abusing and not sitting there, so I used what I got. Asim says that I’m here to play a game, but she was using a depilatory cream. Salman says whose idea was it? Devoleena says I don’t know. Mahira says we just brought all things there. Salman says it was an outstanding idea and that he made the team win. Does Salman say they still think that Asim left the chair for Devoleena or the person who brought that cream there? He asks Mahira why she didn’t take her name. Mahira says they don’t care who gives the idea. Salman says the price is for the idea, they are getting money for the idea of ​​BB.

Salman asks Shehnaaz who deserved it. Shehnaaz says Mahira. Salman says that Mahira took all the torture too. Salman says that Shefali played well and that she was right and stood up. Salman says you were wrong about one thing. Shefali says he shouldn’t have passed those comments to Arti. Salman says, but you clearly told him he was only on homework. Salman says they would not like to hear this, but SHEFALI IS SAFE. Salman says that in the end there won’t be 10 winners so you don’t have to play in the group. Shehnaaz says I don’t have the trophy, Salman will give me work, everyone laughs. Salman says the secret is that there will only be one winner. He ends the call.

Arti tells Shefali that people scared me because I’m taking my family’s legacy here, when I fought with you, I was guilty of talking to you that way. Dalljiet tells Paras that Salman is asking us to defend ourselves, but Shefali will be selfish and will say he did better in every task, we are not here to make her win. Salman connects the call to the house.He says I want to talk to Bahus, Rashami and Devoleena. Salman says that RASHAMI AND RETURNS ARE SAFE. Salman says that Arti will go to a torture room. She enters Salman asks if she thinks Rashami influences others. She said yes. Most disagree with her, so the red liquid is thrown on Arti. Salman asks who will not reach the end. Arti says Abu.

Salman says that I thought he would become the winner. Most think that Abu will be in the final, so flour is thrown on Arti. Salman asks who has difficulty making a connection in the house. Arti says it’s me, I have a good connection with Paras but Shehnaaz is his love. Only Mahira and Koena agree with her, so she throws water on Arti, since they disagree with her. Salman says they think you can make connections, which is a good thing. The next is Rashami. Salman asks if Rashami’s game plan is slow in this fast season. Rashami says yes. Only Siddharth S disagrees. He says she is doing everything with the thought. Siddharth D says it is very sharp. Salman asks who won’t go to the final. Rashami says Shefali. Most disagree, so he throws the red liquid over Rashami, he screams. Everyone laughs Salman asks Siddharth D to come later.

Salman asks if the bahus have formed a gang in the house. He says yes. Most agree with him. Salman asks if the girls are taking their romantic nature wrongly. Siddharth D says that most know that it is not bad. The house does not agree, so liquid is thrown. He asks if Paras is good for Shehnaaz? He said no. The house jokes about it to throw flour. Salman asks who would not be in the final. He tells me. The house does not agree, so it throws more liquid. Salman orders that they wash him with more dust, everyone laughs. Salman asks who the most dominant girl in this house is. They say we disagree, so they throw chicken feathers, everyone laughs when they see their status.

Salman tells inmates that we will receive a call from the caller of the week. Take the Parag call. Parag says I’m very happy to talk to you, Salman. He says that I want to ask Devoleena what you entered with Aashiq banaya’s song, so we thought we will see a different Devoleena, but you showed me that Bahu Devoleena only, will we see Aashiq banaya Devoleena soon? Devoleena says I’m sorry I didn’t meet your expectations, I’ll try more to get there, but you’ll see more of Devoleena. He says we are waiting for that. Salman ends the call. Salman asks Devoleena to smile.

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