Bigg Boss 13 6th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 7 Day 8 (Weekend Ka Vaar)

Bigg Boss 13 6th October 2019 Video Episode Update

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 6th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 6th October 2019 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 6th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 6th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar:

Salman welcomes everyone to Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman says we talked to the inmates and that they were affected, Arti started listening to us. Arti tells Devoleena that I was influenced when Rashami asked me not to scream, I just thought what people might think, Rashami is calm but I am not, I’m loud. Salman says the voting lines were closed this week, inmates know that Dalljiet and Koena are still in danger. Connect the call to the house. Salman tells Abu that no one dies to hear your voice.

Abu sings a funny song Barish barasti hai. Everyone laughs Abu sings about the house and says that the hookah runs here. Salman says we have found another Dinchak Pooja. Salman asks Shehnaaz about the ration. She says I didn’t know but they took my class and now I know Salman says let’s do a test then. Salman asks if 12 people drink tea three times a day, how much tea do you need per week? She can’t answer. Salman asks another riddle, but she can’t answer. Everyone laughs Shehnaaz says I didn’t go to class much. Salman says that you were asked to read letters, everyone had to read a letter, warning letters and complaint letters. He says that Paras and Siddharth S did not receive any love letter.

Shefali receives a warning letter to stay away from him, receives another love letter that you are so pretty and your hair so cute. Salman says that Siddharth D also has a love letter that says that love is friendship and that I have found friendship in you. Siddharth D assumes that Shefali must have written it. Salman asks them to use balloons on their heads. They do. Salman says that these are wrong opinions that you have created about yourself. He asks Paras first. Paras bursts Asim’s balloon and says you can’t get girls with your good body. Shehnaaz bursts Mahira’s balloon and says that her dream is to get that trophy, but she is too sure of herself, there is no class or standard, everyone is the same here. Mahira says that we are not here to show glamor as you said.

Devoleena says that Siddharth D believes that everything is entertaining, but sometimes it is creepy. Arti says that Shefali defended herself, but that she should have a team spirit, she thinks she will stand out when she takes an independent attitude. Dalljiet says that Shefali has the wrong opinion that he will win this show. Siddharth S says that we are not here just to record, his balloon explodes. Rashami says that Siddharth D tries to say that celebrities are bad and that you boast about your work, you are not my father, today I forgive you. Koena says that Siddharth D thinks he left many shows and did a favor in this show. Salman says he wanted to make his face famous, but only one favor has been done.

Siddharth D says he didn’t want to start it, but they started it. Siddharth D says they talk about feminism, but they approached the boys to get a job, they formed a group and we can’t even go there, I don’t want to be in this show like that. Rashami says we make fun of work and says we don’t have a job that’s why we’re here. Salman says it is not good to make fun of others about work, he asks Siddharth D to sit down. He asks Shefali. Shefali says that Siddharth S thinks he is very good but that he is very impolite, he says that I would leave. Siddharth S says that I have never said that I am great. Salman says that Shefali feels that, but Siddharth doesn’t. Siddharth D says that I want to burst Abu’s balloon, as he believes it will save his skin by not bathing. Mahira says that Shehnaaz thinks I want a line of boys behind me, but he is wrong.

Salman asks Asim. Asim says that Paras thinks he is a player and does not know how long it takes to make a body. Abu says that Paras thinks he is a loving boy, but nobody wrote him a love letter. Everyone laughs Salman says there are whistles. Salman says for the first time that we will have a sultani fight this season. Salman says it will be Siddharth D and Siddharth S. He ends the call. Siddharth D tells Siddharth S that he started it. Koena tells the inmates that she has worked hard to be here, but Siddharth D wants to make cheap comments. Shehnaaz says ignore him, he is like that. Salman meets Siddharth D and Siddharth S in the ring. Salman says in the verbal round that you must say why you should win the program over others. Shukla says he’s already giving up. Siddharth D says that I will win this show without playing mind games

Siddharth S says that this is a celebrity show, but he thinks we are despising others, I think the platform is the same for everyone. Siddharth D says that I have a good relationship with many people here. Shehnaaz gets up from there and says everyone goes against him, he’s not so wrong, I’m getting irritated. Salman says you can’t leave the room. Shehnaaz says that I am supporting Siddharth S. Everyone whistles for him. Siddharth S wins the round. In the second game, they have to touch others on the floor. Siddharth S easily makes Siddharth D touch his back on the ground. Shehnaaz tells Rashami that I didn’t like it when everything got over it, don’t talk to him if you don’t like him. Rashami says that he personally said some things that were not right, we are all mature here but he has to answer for his comments. Shehnaaz tells Siddharth D that you may not be wrong, the girls may also be wrong, but I did not like it when they were all against you, you made a mistake by passing incorrect comments, you have to apologize. As a friend, I am always with you.

Salman welcomes Hina Khan. He says you are busy these days. Hina says I have a lot of work, I’m watching this season. She says she could have made a connection with Siddharth S. He says that Asim has a good body. He says that Paras has shown many letters. She says that Siddharth D is too outgoing. Salman asks about the girls. Hina says that I also had an image of bahu, they become aware when they are in the house, I want them not to have that image luggage. She says I see a connection between Siddharth S and Rashami. Salman says who do you see in the future? She says Arti and Rashami, Siddharth S and Paras. She asks him to show the connection of Paras and Shehnnaz. The clip shows Paras lying on Shehnaaz’s bed and holding his hand, he hides her with a pillow, the clip ends. Salman says the girl is sweet.

Salman takes a selfie with Hina. He sends her home. Salman connects the call to the house. He says that Koena got less votes, so he leaves … he says that nobody leaves, there is no eviction today. He ends the call. Salman says there will be supermart at home. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there will be a supermarket in the house, first is Devoleena. She goes there and meets Hina. He hugs her and tells him he can take an article from here or he can listen to his mother’s message. Make a choice in 10 seconds. Devoleena is tense and says household items. She takes Poha for prisoners. Siddharth S enters and greets Hina. She says she can take an article from here or she can listen to her sister’s message. Outside, Devoleena cries and says that if there is an urgent message from my mother, send it to me, but the inmates needed something for breakfast.

Within the market, Siddharth says I want to go with the message. Your sister says that now you will listen and talk, I will cook well and we will do a test when you return, you performed well in the task, all the best for you. Hina says I loved the way you said women have more resistance to endure the pain, we all loved it. Dalljiet is next. Siddharth S says he heard his sister’s message.Devoleena says I got 1 KG of Poha. Dalljiet hears his mother’s message, says you went to this house to win, fight and not lose yourself, don’t play for others, don’t get lost. Dalljiet thanks Hina. The next one is Koena, Hina says she will get a public opinion if she doesn’t take an article. She says I want to know the opinion. Hina says that people like the quality of your leadership, but I think you’re in the shell. Asim chooses to listen to the opinion, Hina says that you are doing well, but that you are missing between Siddharth S and Paras, do not wear a shirt. He smiles and laughs. The next one is Abu, she tells Hina she wants to hear the opinion.

She says you said you’re crazy, but you didn’t show anything, you should get out of that shell. The next one is Shehnaaz, she wants to hear her father’s message. His father says that I hope you are well when you are tortured on homework, your mother cries, I will not tell you anything while you do what you want, play well and win. Best of luck. Hina says keep playing as you play and don’t say you don’t want to win. Shehnaaz says we all want but I don’t want to show off. Hina says don’t say no too. She hugs her The next one is Paras, take some chocolates for the house.

The next one is Mahira, she chooses the opinion. Hina says that you are getting lost in the house, you must leave your shell and play more. The next one is Shefali, listen to her father’s message. He says you’re playing well, I’m glad to see a fighter I made you, you showed your strong personality, smile for me. Shefali smiles and says I love you. Asim tells Mahira that you have to be in the game, you can’t be good here. Hina tells Rashami that she can take an article from here or she can listen to her friend Ankita Lokhende’s message. Rashami starts to cry. Hina hugs her and tells her why are you like this? What’s wrong? Rashami chooses the message. Ankita says hello Rashami, you are doing very well in the house, do not listen to others. You have to defend yourself. Defend what you think is wrong, I love you so much. Rashami cries.

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